Thursday, March 31, 2011

From the earth came high style.....A FIND!

How gorgeous are these rock crystal lamps? I am in LOVE with the hint of blue shades mixed with the crystal and the silver bases. They came from Empel Collections. Unfortunately, they probably cost as much as my first condo. But, they are beautiful nonetheless.

And this lamp from Anthropologie? LOVE! I remember seeing it awhile back, however, it isn't available now. I think it is edgy, romantic and beautiful, all rolled into one. I don't know that it is $2200 beautiful though, as that will NEVER be in my budget for a lamp. But, I did learn in this review, apparently it is not cheap and difficult to mine and shape.

Rough cut and sliced crystal, pyrite, and agate has def been on the style rise for awhile, so I thought we'd explore these items on the b word (budget). My husband LOVES this word. So here we go...

Yesterday I found this lamp at Marshalls.

On sale for $39.99? Even better. I'd say thats a look for less, wouldn't you?

Here is my $39.99 lamp right where it should be, in my home! Isn't it lovely?

-It is tough to stomach paying a lot of money for trendy items, especially in the home. If you can get them for a deal then when the trend is over, you're over it too. No buyer's remorse!
-Check out these cool geode 'ish' coasters from Anthropologie. Good stuff!
K got a new hip OFFI desk and she LOVES it!
(You can buy it here for $250, we go ours on craigslist for $100!)


  1. Gorgeous finds! (gorgeous baby!) Just stumbled on to your adorable blog and loving it! "attempting the magazine cover life.." love it!

  2. As I was just checking out YOURS....girl, you had me at zhush. Dying. lol. LOVE IT. I'll be your newest follower and you'll be my newest daily read. Thanks for reading! xoxo Shel

  3. At first, I wasn't too sure about the lamp base but when it's turned on, it looks like a million bucks! Great find!


  4. Do I spy new pillows (Again)? ha! I like the orange, Maven.

  5. Katey, they came from the 'linen store' (aka the upstairs closet, yall)

  6. such fabulous finds thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. Loving those lamps and loving your blog more!