Friday, March 11, 2011

Craigslist to Chic- Terry Chair

Oh, how I wish I had taken a 'before' pic of this chair. I bought it 2 years ago off of craigslist in Atlanta. I was inspired to recover a chair for the bathroom after seeing a pictorial spread in a magazine of a chair reupholstered in terry cloth for this very purpose. I became OBSESSED! My husband found this chair listed for $35 so we headed 45 min outside the city and bought it. It was U-G-L-Y. We stripped it, re-stained it, and I paid to have it recovered in this really soft, plush, luxe terry cloth (that was a blanket I bought at HomeGoods). I love the scalloped detail at the bottom, and the scale of the chair is perfect. Not too big, not too small. K loves to sit in it because it is so soft. She runs her fingers across it and says 'ooooohhhh.' So sweet.

Here is where this sweet chair was in my old house, where I bought it for...the bathroom. I loved it there. I stained it to match the bathroom console. Now, I have no place for it in my new house. Boo! My Nashville master bath is so much bigger, but yet, there is really no spot for my special chair. So, it sits right outside my bathroom....sigh.

-You can turn an ugly old chair into something you love! You gotta have vision, people!
-Look at the bones of the chair. Do you love the shape? Do you love the size? If so, you can probably make it work.
-Not all chairs are complicated to reupholster. If only the seat is fabric, I just unscrew the seat from the base of the chair, cover it in my new favorite fabric with a staple gun, and screw the seat back to the chair. Simple as pie.
-You can strip and restain or you can simply spray paint too. I've done both.
-Redoing a random chair is a cheap and easy way to add color and/or texture into a space.
-It also funs up a blank small wall. =)
-Goodwill, junk stores and craigslist are great places to find a chair that needs love.

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