Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coveting the CERAMIC timepiece!

Okay, so I have loved the Chanel Ceramic watch since it came out. Um, it'll never happen for me. No problem. I'll find a replacement love in that department. Afterall, as much as I love the double C logo, I really just like the look too. Although the 'rules of white' have been thrown out the window and doesn't really apply to watches, I think I really like the bright white for spring and summer. It's just so crisp and bright and well....white! So....these are my finds.

As a SAHM (stay at home mom), I wear workout clothes a lot. Um, even when I'm not working out, ha ha. I live in casual gear. Therefore, I need a casual look for my watch too! I love this one from Lacoste. It retailed for $195, but I got it at TJMaxx for $79.99. It is SUPER light and sporty and casual. Perfect for my everyday life. I couldn't find the exact one online, but I found this one that I also LOVE!

Here is a dressier option from Peugeot! It is heavier and a little pricier, but still a great deal! This is also from TJMaxx (shocker, I know). Retails for $295, but priced at $179.99. Good stuff!

-Flip through the Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus catalogues. They show the trends, and often have the 'looks' of the season displayed for you. Um, and the catalogues are FREE. Just sign up online.
-Use these and fashion mags like 'Lucky' to see the trends.
-Both can be a template for finding the looks for less.
-Remember that it is not about the brand, it is about the look.
-Wear it like you mean it, and no one will ever question you!

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