Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Camy chair conundrum.....

I scored this beat up chair (below) at a junk store for $10. I would have kept it 'as is' if it didn't have tons of random paint and scratches on it. I kept it in its natural industrial state for my cool loft in midtown Atlanta, but doesn't quite fit the bill as it is. I guess I was kind of bored with it too. So......I spray painted it white. And added a sardine seat cushion from Anthropologie. It now resides in my office for an extra project chair. What do you think? Should I keep it white? Sometimes I want to paint it bright turquoise.

-You can buy a new Camy side chair (set of 2) for around $250
-You can also buy a set of 2 at Target for around the same price

K sitting in her 'designer crosshatch' toy box, ha!
Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. I love the idea of a bright color! Green or turquoise or even a hot pink would be fun!!! Lots of hot pink is going on right now, see it here:

  2. I think you girls are right.....Shauna, now you've got me thinking hot pink. You know I'm pink obsessed, right? I'm on a turquoise kick too.....xoxo

  3. I agree...turquoise or a bight pink. That would be fun! Hot pink would look great with that cushion.

  4. Simply Beautiful!
    You did a great job!


  5. TURQUOISE!!! Do it tonight at exactly 7:07 after your lovely is in bed sleeping and I will spray paint my rocking chairs pink at the exact same time. It will be like a virtual colorizing of the world wine date. Hmm, well at least it will give us something to blog about.

  6. Love K's toy box! That fabric is one of my faves! Oh, and your red toe nails look good too! :)