Friday, March 4, 2011

BUBU baby bowls- brilliant!

Look at these adorable baby bowls. I found them randomly at this cute little boutique in Atlanta, and I have been obsessed with them ever since K could eat rice cereal. I then used them for baby food, and now I put cheerios in them while she is in her car seat and for meals at the high chair too- green beans, pieces of cheese, the list goes on and on. They are just the perfect size. Truly. The colors and the little animals on them make me happy. Um, oh, and K likes them too, ha ha.

Okay, yes, I have 12 of them. Does that tell you how much I love them? I have to have clean ones at all times so I bought a few more....ha ha

This one is K's fav. We say the animal name over and over when we get them out. She says "llllllll" - that is all she can get out for Lion. Good enough. =)

Here is the logo on the bottom. So stinking cute.

-The dishes are made of melamine plastic, super sturdy- trust me, K has dropped them, thrown, them, you name it....
-Dishwasher safe, and I have used mine in the microwave no problems...
-The baby dishes are $6 each or $24 for the set of four, and worth every penny!
-You can purchase the BUBU dishes here (or if you live in Atlanta, the boutique is off Howell Mill):

So I must admit, I also bought this for K. We haven't used it yet, but I think it is adorable and I will let you know how we like it when we break it out of the pantry. The whole set is $42, but you get a lot of pieces!
-If you want to go ahead and buy one too, you can get it here:

Here is little K with a sneak peak of another baby dish I will post on next week! (Mandi mentions it in her comment below)

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