Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The BEST thing to happen to manicures!

So, here is how it all started. My toes were just embarrassing. I mean, who knew the nail polish could actually chip off of your TOES??? This is one of the many things I have learned my first year of motherhood, hee hee. So, when MiMi came to watch K for a few hours, I headed to the nail salon. When the esthetician asked me if I wanted a manicure, I said no, as it never seems worth it. She asked if I had ever had the 'gel manicure'. She said 'its different than the old gel nails.'

I simply stated, 'if it came out in 2010, I can assure you I know nothing about it. That year was a mommy blur.'

She tells me that it is made by OPI and that my nails won't break or chip for 2 weeks. WHAAAAAAAAAT????

I'm in. But I ask, if its so great, why isn't everyone in here getting one?

She looks at me and says, ''um, they are."

And thus my gel nail manicure addiction was born. I have been every 2 weeks since. I have had COLOR on my nails for the first time in YEARS, literally. It's awesome. Sometimes I have on sweats and my hair hasn't been washed in days. But MAN, my nails look GOOD! Ha!

As for my horrible pedi polish chipping, I learned that I can get gel polish for my pedicure and I'm gonna try it this week (I'll let you know!)

So, I took this pic with my iphone quickly (excuse the poor quality) but this is my gel nails at the 2 week mark. Not too shabby! This was Strawberry Margarita for my trip to Mexico! I think tomorrow I am going to get Cajun Shrimp (see pic below!)

There was an article on the gel nails in this month's Real Simple Magazine:


-Not all nail salons carry the gel nails. Call first to make sure.
-Opi's Axxium Soak-off Gel lacquers and Creative Nail Designs' Shellac are the two brands
-The cost is around $40, but some nail salons offer a polish change only for $25 which you can do every other time to lessen the cost
-You don't have to get your credit card out before your mani, because with gel nails, they are COMPLETELY DRY when you are finished. No messing up the polish!


  1. thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog! I have heard a little about these, but never tried them. I haven't been to the nail salon in forever... maybe it's time! Happy Saturday!

  2. Shell - I'm an addict too! I love "You Don't know Jacques" and "my private jet" :) It's amazing - you can wash your hands a thousand times a day and clean with clorox wipes, and they never chip!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I'm definitely going to try this!

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