Thursday, March 31, 2011

A slice of style....(geode jewelry finds)

After we style our homes in geodes and agate, lets dress up our ears. We might as well wear it too, right?
These little gems are super pretty! But....a little much at $107.95. Love the look but not the price, we can surely do better on the price point.....

How cool are these geode studs? $90 a pair. I love that they are studs because K isn't as likely to pull them out of my ears. However, look at these cool geode slice earrings I found.......

My bestie, Kate and I discovered them in a little bowl at the checkout at Southeastern Salvage here in Nashville. Aren't the colors so pretty? At $4. 88 a pair, you can get every color they have! (I bought a blue pair and a green pair). Super fun and a super good deal.

How about a geode ring from Target for $7.99? Yes, please!

-I've said it before, do NOT spend a lot on trends. This goes for your ears too =)
-$4.88 is much easier to swallow than this pair for $140, though they are certainly beautiful.

FLASHBACK- K and mommy just over a year time flies.
Have a fabulous weekend!

From the earth came high style.....A FIND!

How gorgeous are these rock crystal lamps? I am in LOVE with the hint of blue shades mixed with the crystal and the silver bases. They came from Empel Collections. Unfortunately, they probably cost as much as my first condo. But, they are beautiful nonetheless.

And this lamp from Anthropologie? LOVE! I remember seeing it awhile back, however, it isn't available now. I think it is edgy, romantic and beautiful, all rolled into one. I don't know that it is $2200 beautiful though, as that will NEVER be in my budget for a lamp. But, I did learn in this review, apparently it is not cheap and difficult to mine and shape.

Rough cut and sliced crystal, pyrite, and agate has def been on the style rise for awhile, so I thought we'd explore these items on the b word (budget). My husband LOVES this word. So here we go...

Yesterday I found this lamp at Marshalls.

On sale for $39.99? Even better. I'd say thats a look for less, wouldn't you?

Here is my $39.99 lamp right where it should be, in my home! Isn't it lovely?

-It is tough to stomach paying a lot of money for trendy items, especially in the home. If you can get them for a deal then when the trend is over, you're over it too. No buyer's remorse!
-Check out these cool geode 'ish' coasters from Anthropologie. Good stuff!
K got a new hip OFFI desk and she LOVES it!
(You can buy it here for $250, we go ours on craigslist for $100!)

PD's in Franklin....Home Decor Heaven!

I talk a lot about PD's (it stands for Premier Discounters, but you'll never hear a local call it that) in my posts as I am OBSESSED with this place. I discovered it the year I turned 21 (I am now mid thirties) and I am still as in love with it as I was many years ago. Let me give you a sampling of what you will see when you enter this little warehouse next to the railroad tracks in Franklin, Tennessee. There's no sign, no advertising....all word of cool is that? *warning* it is a little piece of heaven on earth, and a design/decor lovers dream (especially those of us on a budget)....

I sooooo wanted to take this tailored nailhead trim sofa home with me....

The chairs on this table went to my mom and dad's new house....

Can you see why I LOVE this place so much???

Example: These x-back dining side chairs are $69 at PDs compared to the Madeleine chair look a like at Restoration Hardware for $139, of course I scored mine on special at Southeastern Salvage for $16 (look here)!

-Everything is SO REASONABLY PRICED (think Homegoods clearance aisle pricing) and style to boot!!
-Their inventory changes every week so I try to show up every Wed when they open (Wed-Sat 10-5pm only) for the best picks.
-They have these HUGE trucks outside with inventory replenishment so if you see something you want but someone has claimed it, or if you need two, you can ask and they know if there is another one available outside on the truck.
-Sherri Porter, the owner, is SUPER nice and FUN to talk to as well....if you know me at all, you know I am a chatterbox great conversation ensues as well.
-If you are in the'll kick yourself if you don't stop in.....
- I scored the coolest moose head for $39.99 to come soon when he has his home on the wall- stay tuned!

I scored this little candle and stand yesterday for less than $15!

119 South Margin Street Franklin, TN 37064

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Camy chair conundrum.....

I scored this beat up chair (below) at a junk store for $10. I would have kept it 'as is' if it didn't have tons of random paint and scratches on it. I kept it in its natural industrial state for my cool loft in midtown Atlanta, but doesn't quite fit the bill as it is. I guess I was kind of bored with it too. So......I spray painted it white. And added a sardine seat cushion from Anthropologie. It now resides in my office for an extra project chair. What do you think? Should I keep it white? Sometimes I want to paint it bright turquoise.

-You can buy a new Camy side chair (set of 2) for around $250
-You can also buy a set of 2 at Target for around the same price

K sitting in her 'designer crosshatch' toy box, ha!
Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rolling toy tubs...DIY!

The other day I found two white party tubs originally from Potterybarn on Craigslist for $10 for the pair. St. John (the hubs) went and got them for me. I knew there had to be something I could do with these besides what they were intended for..... Afterall, we have lots of aluminum party tubs already. I liked the size (they are pretty small) and the wooden handles.

I have a little one year old (if you are just now reading my blog and haven't seen the pics of little K). She has lots of toys as most kids do.

I am always looking for creative ways to store her toys, as we usually have some in every room (I know, I know...ugh). Soooo......

I, and by that I mean my dad (while I watched K run around the house), just used Gorilla glue and glued 3 wheels (from Home Depot) on the bottom of the tub. Then I applied the K and the bees.


Here is the front

Here is the back

The entire project was $20....and I still have enough materials for one more toy tub...stay tuned!!

-You don't have to buy a traditional "toybox".....ANYTHING can be a toybox!
-The party tubs were from craigslist, but you can buy inexpensive tubs at lots of random places. -My mom bought 2 FUN bright turquoise party tubs at Tuesday Morning for $14.99 each.
-I bought the 'K' vinyl decal at Hobby Lobby (they had lime green and hot pink)
-I ordered the set of three small bees decals from Holly on etsy
-The metal wheels are from Home Depot. They are glued with Gorilla glue because it affixes metal to metal.

K was very busy cleaning house while I applied her decals on her new toy tub

MY LIVING evolution


-For paint colors click here
-Linen chairs from P.D's for $299 each.
-Rug from Homegoods. $499
-Mirrored front side table from Homegoods, $199,
-Pewter side tables and crystal lamps from Homegoods in Atlanta for $49.99 each.
-Crystal lamps I bought on final clearance from Potterybarn last year for $99 each
- Round copper side table (to the left of the sofa) from Storehouse.
-Coffee table from Homegoods for $99
-Dwell throw pillows out of the clearance bin at Armour and Co in Atlanta for $30 each.
-Church pew from antique mall in Franklin, TN for $200. (Those french doors lead to my pink office!)
-Circular mirror was $39.99 and is from Southeastern Salvage.
-Spears are from a Massai village in Kenya from my travels.
-Numbered prints of my FAV spots in Nashville: bought them 6 years ago from a designer friend of mine.
 -Linen striped sofa that I bought for a steal at the Potterybarn outlet right before we moved away from Atlanta June of 2010.

-Curtain rods throughout my home are all Modern Drape Rod from Potterybarn
-Drapery panels are from Potterybarn, Peyton Grommet Drape, Oatmeal, 108", $109 per panel--I have these in every room of my house on the main floor.

*Thank you to Amber Beckham Photography*


Monday, March 28, 2011

Lotus Bleu and a side table for you...

This is a REALLY adorable boutique called Lotus Bleu in San Francisco. They have the most adorable bright and fun fabrics. They do pillows, upholstered furniture, you name it. I am in LOVE with all of their displays and I could move right into the store! (they might not like that part too much, ha ha). When I traveled to SFO for business (in my former life), I always tried to make it in there for fun finds and inspiration! (and maybe a pillow on sale)

Last summer, I remember running across a mention of their store in Elle Decor with this pic next to the post. (excuse the iphone pic)

I fell in LOVE with that little orange table. The quatrefoil shape had me at hello. Sadly, the $488 price tag saw me to the door and told me goodbye.

Here is a closer look at the Oomph tini table IV. Isn't she beautiful? I love the PINK! You can buy it directly from their website for $395. Ouch. That price still hurts.

I love it in this outdoor space too!

Or maybe in the bathroom (that apple green- obsessed!) It makes a great 'traveling' table. Goes in every room!

LOOKIE what I scored this weekend from HomeGoods! (you never fail me, and always amaze me, HomeGoods) It's the perfect robin's egg blue, the perfect size, and the perfect price....$49.99. (It had a scuff so I paid $45) Stay tuned for pics on the perfect spot.

-Local boutiques are great places to gain design inspiration.
-Before you travel, google small boutiques to check out. Great window shopping!!
-You just might find what your heart desires but your wallet a later date...and at a better price point!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Ross Reupholstery!

Hello random chair that I bought at Ross for $49.99. Don't get me wrong, it didn't come in the fun chartreuse chevron print. It came in a FURRY zebra 'ish' animal print. Yeah, you read that right, FURRY. It had a good shape, so I bought it. It is also a nice, heavy duty, sturdy chair, no flimsyness here folks. Enter: upholstery guy that I found through my realtor. I had this done back in the fall before I ever thought I'd start a blog, so the bummer is that I have no before pics. It was some real eye candy, let me tell ya. Ha!

Random Ross chair lives in the hall and usually houses a big 'ol diaper bag. We don't really have a mud room , so this chair sometimes serves as a catch all.

The frames above my random chair are photographs that I took in Rome and the Cinque Terre on holiday in Italy (2001 and 2004). I signed the mats too...made me feel special, ha ha. They bring me joy. They aren't staged or fancy, just point and shoot pics. The top photograph is my FAVORITE!! Just this random lovely Italian man, sitting outside of his restaurant in Rome, taking a break. I wish I could find the negative for that pic (it was BEFORE digital, can you believe it, ha ha), I'd love to blow it up. Bummer.

-If you find something cool that has good lines, good bones, good can always paint it, or have it reupholstered (or do it yourself if you are crafty, my 'DIY' only goes so far, ha ha). You can transform that piece.
-When you make your changes you create a unique piece that no one else has! Viola! it just became cooler!
-You don't HAVE to have a fancy camera to get art for your home, just have an artful eye. Take pictures of interesting things, things you love (I'll show you the ones I took in Africa that are HUGE and in my dining room in a future post, again, with a point and shoot no big deal camera).

K says "who needs a CHAIR?"
(ugh, now I am forced to look at my pantry and do a re-org this weekend, denial was working so well until now)