Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Destination Inspiration: Tulum, Mexico

So after a year long 'stay'cation here in the States, we finally were able to get back to our 'happy place' for a little much needed R&R...the little honeymoon villa #12 at Azulik in Tulum, Mexico (90 min south of Cancun). It was HEAVEN on earth!
NO ELECTRICITY = no distractions!! Arsenio brings your meals to you (and pitchers of margaritas) while you bask in the sun on your private deck overlooking the ocean. When the sun sets, your palapa is filled with candlelight and the sound of the ocean, as you fall asleep with the hug doors to the ocean open to the sea air and cool breeze. Watch the sunrise with a morning hot soak in the HUGE tree stump carved into a soaking tub on the deck! The little town is quite charming, boutiques, scuba diving adventures, etc.

The FYI:
-In my frequent travels, I have found that Dec, Jan, and Feb are the best months in Mexico: 70 ish during the day, 60 ish during the night (this obviously varies some)
-Honeymoon Villa only: High Season Rates $355/night, Holiday Season $395/night, Low Season $290/night
-High and Holiday Seasons are best since the hotel is open air concept

Hotel tips:
-Book a massage on your private deck
-Order hot tea and breakfast to be delivered every morning at 7AM right as the sun is rising
-Bring a quilt, flashlight, booklight, and a cute 'mini' coleman lantern (batteries)
-Have your driver stop at Walmart in Cancun and pick up sunscreen and beach chairs (no getting up early to reserve if you have your own)
-Tip Arsenio (your server) and your housekeeper well and you will have the best service in town
-Ignore the naked people at Copal Resort next door if you head over for lunch- that's right people, this resort and the resort next door are clothing optional (although you can't see any of it from cabana #12, the private beach in view of this cabana is bathing suit required so it works out perfectly)
-Look for the 4th night free deal (it happens quite frequently)


  1. YAH! thanks for linking up! this looks like a fantastic vacation! i would love to go there right now :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!! I love the crystal blue water!

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
    A Little Bit of This & That

  3. looks like such a beautiful place :)

  4. Sounds like a great vacation to me! Happy cinco de mayo!

  5. This is so incredibly out-of-touch - almost makes me nauseous. Hope you took a BAJILLION pair of lulu pants with you.

  6. thanks for the info! looks amazing!

  7. Sounds awful, NOT!! I'm sure you are glowing right now and so relaxed!

  8. Wow, fabulous! Love it! I checked out their site and the menu as well. Please tell me that those are not dollar prices on the menu? There is a dollar sign next to the I dumb?

  9. Hang on.... don't answer that last question. :)

  10. Did you dine in or out for lunch/dinner?

  11. Hi Shelli, Love your blog. How was the beach? Could one swim/bathe? Any rocks as you enter? How were the waves? I know some beaches in that area are pretty – but not good for swimming ...Thanks!