Monday, February 28, 2011

Destination Inspiration: Anguilla

Oh, Cap Jaluca, how you stole our hearts! Anguilla literally had the most gorgeous beaches we have EVER seen (and we've seen a few)....the water feels like bath water, and you can see your toes when you are walking around in the water! You can see the little fishies swimming by, and it is the BEST part of Anguilla!
I literally could pack up and live in the lobby, look at this place! Just simply gorgeous with a moroccan feel....

These are the on site restaurants Spice and Pimms, both amazing. But I must admit, we mostly do room service on our vacays. We always ate out and entertained a lot with our careers and so getting dressed up everynight for dinner felt like 'work' for us. So, we do private dining on our balcony A LOT. It's just our thing.
...the suites have been renovated (2009 and 2010) and are INSANE!! I mean, look at the private pool! Hello heaven....

-we tend to go to the Caribbean during hurricane season because it is cheaper, so therefore, this trip was in September (prime hurricane season). The good news is we got a great rate on our room. The down side is that because it is the off season, most of the good eats in town, live music, shopping, etc. was literally closed down for the season. We are used to it, so it doesn't bother us.
-Cap Jaluca has an AMAZING library on site, and you can borrow as many books as you would like! There were literally thousands of books that people have donated from their stay, and if I would have known, I could have saved myself a TON of room in my suitcase!
-the hotel has free kayaks that you can take out for as long as you would like, great for really seeing the sting rays and all of the sea life, as the water is CRYSTAL CLEAR.
-if you call the concierge, you can have a dvd player delivered to your room, so we brought a few movies to watch (much cheaper than the 'on demand' rental at the hotel).
-I have to throw this in here for the fun of it, but this is where Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston broke up! They were staying here when the last shot of them together was taken...remember they were walking down the beach, he had his arm around her.....ironically, his tee shirt said TRASH...ha ha. Just a random tidbit. =)


  1. Shelli,
    Hi! I am late getting back to everyone who has visited my blog recently but I have been paging thru your blog and love it! You are so talented! And I just had to leave a comment on your Anguilla post because I am obsessed with that island. (And Pimms was one of my favorite restaurants!) I posted about Anguilla too a while back. I would go back there in a second! What a place! Thanks again for stopping by! I am now following you!

  2. omg. gorgeous. so so pretty! i love all the bright white! and that view looks like heaven. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. We stayed at Cap Juluca for our honeymoon 5 years ago and it was AMAZING....also one of our favorite places in the Caribbean.

  4. Love Anguilla! I've only eaten at Cap Juluca, but it was heaven! We've been there three times, but since having kids, it will probably be a while before we get back! Thanks for sharing a little slice of heaven until we do.

  5. Hi Shelli, just found your blog and saw you've been to Cap Juluca as well!! We stayed there in 2008 and it was magical. It was in the middle of construction when we visited, so I'm so happy to see what the outcome was! Beautiful. we will have to visit again soon! xoxo

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