Friday, December 30, 2011

Genius Wall Holder For IPhone!!!

Uh, this girl is a GENIUS and I WANT ONE!!
(but don't really want to make one, don't judge)

WHO can I pay to make me one???
Go look at the tutorial here

Don't you LOVE it?

She should sell these on etsy.  I'd buy two!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Problems in Play Dating....

Well, Mother's Day Out is still on break, so little K and I have had a few playdates with her bestest buddy, Cortland.  These two might be the next Bonnie and Clyde.

Um, apparently K knows how to work the childproofing locks at Cortland's house.  This was in the bonus room at his house while his mommy and I sat on the sofa in the SAME room, but we got suspicious when we heard the glass bottles clinking.  

So, we had our next playdate in OUR bonus room.
Because I KNOW K can't undo the child locks at our house.


Paper Shredder.
(it was unplugged, don't worry!)

The sectional sofa is to the left, where Cort's mommy and I sat ONCE AGAIN in the same room as the kids thinking they were 'playing' behind the sofa.  I never heard 2 kids giggle more than these two.
I am still finding bits of shredded paper randomly, days after that 2 hour cleanup job.  

They are a hot mess, but sure are fun kiddos!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sweet KK On Christmas- 2011

A little glimpse into our Christmas....
KK was SO FUN this year!  She woke up singing Jingle Bells, and was more enthralled with the tree ornaments than all of the sweet!  Blessed.  

(yucky iphone pic, sorry)
St. John bought and started a charm bracelet for K from James Avery (I have one from my childhood too!) with her first charm that says Daddy's Girl.  So sweet.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monogramming My Last Minute Gifts....

I hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  We sure did, more on that tomorrow!  

So, on Christmas Eve I busted out the monogramming machine (Brother 750) and did a few last minute gifts!
Some cute dishtowels that I picked up at HomeGoods...

A Christmas apron for KK that I picked up last year 
for half off...

This monogramming machine was def an investment by the time I bought all of the accessories and all of Monogram Wizard font packages, but I highly recommend it if you want a REALLY FUN HOBBY! 
Also, recognize that pretty mantelscape?
It's my pal Cassie from hi sugarplum featured with a few other of my bloggy buddies (including Kelly's Korner and yours truly) in the Dallas Morning News on Christmas Eve! BIG thanks to Jamie Knodel!   FUN!
Proud to be a blogger!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas Card 2011- MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Remember this post?
Well, this is the one we chose!
Minted does an awesome job!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 
to ALL of my readers!  You guys are the best!
Enjoy the weekend with your families and friends!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Cutest Holiday Touches From Cranny And B- YARN TREES!

Well hello there, my name is Sarah Kate and I am thrilled to be here today to share a few snippets of holiday cheer from my home.  I love life with my sweet husband, our two fantastic boys, Graeme and Job, and the best pup ever, miss Cal-girl, who may or may not eat way too many of Graeme's happy meal fries, wink wink!  This year, out of necessity, I've had to keep things really, really simple ( read: mama to a two year old and a newborn ).  

I love Christmas, the reason we celebrate it, and the preparations for it. And, thankfully, simple can be good, not only for our home, but for our souls.

My husband and I have always had a desire to adopt and out of that desire, I opened a little etsy shop, Cranny, to begin our adoption fund and also to foster creativity within.  I have found that I particularly love to work with yarn and felt and out of that love sprang my Cranny yarn letters and yarn trees.  I should probably confess that I have a small forest of yarn trees on top of my piano and it continues to grow as I daily decide that I need just one more!

 My little Graeme is so proud of his first piece of official artwork.  I also love that he refers to his reindeer as a carimoose!

( this is what my dresser really looks like and I love it. )

I love the giant chalkboard that my husband made and gifted to me on my first mother's day.  It is probably my most favorite thing in my home.  We leave love notes for each other on it, write down important things that would otherwise get lost, and my Graeme-bear thoroughly enjoys giving it a splash of color with chalk.  For this month, however, it holds our handmade advent calendar.  As you can clearly see, drawing is not one of my gifts, wink wink!

Thank you so much, Shelli, for allowing me to share our little view of Christmas.  I've so enjoyed being here and wish you and all of your readers a very joyous Noel.  
Merry Christmas!

Ok, so I saw Sarah Kate's home on a linky party (can't remember which one) and I am obsessed with the yarn trees and also this Jesus banner and asked Sarah Kate to share them with you! Thanks Sarah Kate!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Favorite Holiday Tradition

In case you missed my guest post last week over at The Mustard Ceiling...I thought I'd share it with you! 

I'm sharing my favorite holiday tradition, but to be totally honest, with my little girl just under 2, we are juuuuuust starting to come up with a few for our little family of three!  

Here's a little pic of our sweet baby K  !

When I was pregnant with K, I learned about a book advent calendar and I just knew this would be a GREAT tradition for us! So.....I started my collection of Christmas children's books!  You see, you wrap up all 24, and your children will open one every night until Christmas and you can read it together.  How fun is that?  (worth the effort of the collection process I think!)  

(I have had this pic downloaded on my computer long before I had a blog and have no source, so sorry!)

I have visions of the Christmas book basket by the tree, and baby Kendall asking me if she can go open tonight's book for us to read together!  (right now she just says "book!")

So far I have 13 in my collection and they are mostly board books and ones that are age appropriate for K but I hope to add a few more over the next two years to make my collection complete!  Maybe Santa will bring us a few more!  (wink, wink)  This way by the time baby K really understands the tradition, we will have all 24! (fingers crossed)

Mimi I went ahead and wrapped a few for this year to let K unwrap so we can read them together!

I thought it might be fun if all of you gave some names of classic Christmas or holiday books to share so that if you would like to start your advent book collection, you could have some books to look out for!  

Someone also told me that using the Christmas story from the Bible is a great book #24...

What are your favorite Christmas books?

Lonny Aneboda Hack- Superchyc

Hi a' la moders!  I'm Kim from Superchyc and I'm excited to share my Lonny Aneboda Hack with you today!
image via


image via

My kickass hack!!!

Dare I say that I am the first to attempt a Lonny inspired Ikea hack?  Hmmmm, you never know...

One day last week, I read a tweet from Lonny that linked to their blog and a post about fancy schmancy closets, in honor of Fashion Week.

Super cute inspiration, quite timely for this gal, who has been planning a closet do over for a while now.

Feast on this eye candy...

image via 

 image via

image via 

  image via

When I saw these, my DIY wheels started turning...

image via 

image via

I immediately thought of the Aneboda chest from Ikea.

image via

After checking out the measurements online and measuring my closet, I headed to the local Ikea to check out the construction.  My main concern, those corrugated plastic drawer inserts... can-do, homeslice.  Thats not chyc, thats chyt.  Mmmm, k....

When I got to the store, I pulled open the display's drawers but could not tell if the drawer fronts came prefabricated or not.  So I asked sales woman and she confirmed that, yes, I would have to assemble, which meant, I could replace that fugly plastic with some fancy...plastic.  I also needed to confirm that feet weren't really legs, meaning, I could chose to not to install them vs. having to amputate a foot from a leg.  Fortunately, they were just feet.  Guess I will have to leave the body dismemberment to Dexter.  Who else saw the season finale???? whaaaat???

Because my ceiling height is only 8' (or 96") and the aneconda Aneboda is 39 3/8" (with feet), I only picked up two (maximum height of 78 3/4").  I would've preferred to stack 3 of them to the ceiling for a more built-in look but I have some ideas on how to utilize the extra foot an half on top.

Soooooooooo, I brought home the two Anebodas and started to pull the parts out.   
And saw this...

...prefab panel...wah you can see from above, I wasted no time in cutting them out with a utility knife (and a hammer)... 

I hit up Lowes to have some plexiglass cut to size.  Since the drawers were prefab, I could not insert the plexi into the grooves, so I chose to glue it to the inside of the drawer, like this...

I used Gorilla Glue and placed paint cans on top to apply pressure and form a bond to promote strong adhesion.

I really wanted to match the drawer pulls as closely as I could but sourcing a good match was very difficult.  Or a close match that my cheap thrifty self would shell out for.  

With six drawers, $20/pull would've cost almost as much as the two dresser units cost.  Plus, the hole measurements would not have lined up and I didn't want to get into filling holes, paint matching and redrilling.

: (
image via

Then I thought I'd make them but, umm, yeah, I just bit the bullet and bought these.

At $8.37/pull (and the perfect measurement to match the predrilled holes), it was a no brainer.

The hardware arrived today and I finished installing the drawers...this little diva cutie kept me company.

Here they are stacked...

When I decided to go ahead with the hack, I did a little research to see if anyone had done a similar project.  I didn't find a comparable one but I did find these.

image via 

 image via

And you've probably seen Maegan's Aneboda hack she posted as part of her office reveal...

 image via

Here is a collage I put together to show you my inspiration pics along side the end result...

A few things I would've done differently...

When putting the dresser together, I would've paid more attention to the part numbers.  I used several hardware parts in the wrong spaces and had to go back to remove and redo.  Luckily, I was able to remove the wrong pieces.  Or maybe I'm just an overeager hacker... : )

Also, the Gorilla Glue says to use in moderation because it expands.  IT DOES.  Like crazy foam.  Only small quantities are needed.

As you can see, my closet walls are eye searing yellow...that will likely be my next endeavor.  I'm going to paint them the same color as my bedroom but with an added surprise...guess I have to post pics of my new bedroom walls first, though.

Ok, so here is the cost breakdown:

Two Aneboda chests @ $69.99 each = $139.98
Two sheets of plexiglass (27" x 30" cut into 6 equal pieces) @ $14.99 each = $29.98
Gorilla Glue - free (already owned)
Six Acrylic bar pulls @ $8.37 each = $50.22
GRAND TOTAL - $220.18

Long post but there was lots to share.  Hope you like my hack.

All pics via SuperChyc, unless otherwise noted.